Works / Notes

Umbrellas (project in progress)

Forget your umbrella when it rains? Don’t worry! Find a nearby place to take shelter and observe passers-by in the rain. Capture photos of the makeshift items being used as umbrellas. Passers-by who forget their umbrellas use random objects to cover themselves in the rain, creating temporary performances and sculptures.Hooray, artists!
Drawings on "C" à grain® 224 g/m² paper, 75x110cm, 2024
panneau.jpgtable au bar.jpgpull.jpgconteneur poubelle拷貝.jpgParasol拷貝.jpgNumériser-seau-100.jpgkosovo037拷貝.jpgkosovo035拷貝.jpgkosovo038拷貝.jpg
Numériser 1.jpg

Numériser 2.jpg
Numériser 3-01.jpg
Numériser 5.jpg
Numériser 6.jpg
Numériser 7.jpg
Numériser 4.jpgNumériser 8.jpg